Now more than ever with you
15 de April de 2020
Gavarres popular tales among vineyards
7 de July de 2020

We are back with nature and great wines

Vineyard at the foot of the Mont-rodó volcano

The vineyard has followed its natural cycle and with the arrival of spring it has dressed itself in green, it is wonderful, splendid and in bloom.

We want to share this natural environment with you again.  Nature is generous and relieves us in moments like the one we are experiencing. For this reason we would not want you to miss out on the opportunity to visit our vineyard, learn about the winery and enjoy our wines.

We are prepared to receive you with hygienic protocols that guarantee the health and safety of our visitors and our team.

Please contact us at  or +34 609 148 576.

The vines in bloom
Ours collaborators for pollination