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Montrodó Negre 


Red wine harvested from sustainable viticulture in the Espai d’Interès Natural de les Gavarres in Sant Martí Vell (Girona), cultivated in volcanic soil with basalt stone on the estate of Ca l’Elsa.
Montrodó is the name of the ancient volcano, lying on the property land. Surrounded by forest and vineyards, which soil is highly made from basaltic rock, rich in silicates and iron that provides the character and singularity of our wines.
Tasting notes

Red wine of cherry color, clear and bright with a violet rim.

In the nose it offers aromas of wild fruits, currant, eucalyptus balsamic and cassis which evoke sweets and caramel.

In the palate it is fresh and light. Silky texture, with a good acidity and a very pleasant finish.

Vinification process

The grapes are hand-harvested and deposited in 15 kg boxes in order to maintain their integrity. They are quickly transported to the cellar where they are destemmered and they fall into the fermentation tanks by gravity.

After a pre-fermentative maceration of low temperature of 12-24 hours, the grapes are fermented at a controlled temperature between 24-26ºC with daily pumping-overs.

The period of maceration and fermentation lasts for around 12-15 days to obtain a lively and fresh wine, preserving the character of its varieties.

Origin: Wine from les Gavarres (Sant Martí Vell – Girona)

Grapes varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Grenache

Harvest: September – October

Pairing food: Grilled meats, pasta, risotto, tapas, appetizers, cold meats, grilled or sautéed vegetables

Serving temperature: 14-16ºC

Alcohol content: 14,5% vol.