– A little bit of history – 

Our cellar is located in Les Gavarres Nature Reserve, in the municipality of Sant Martí Vell, a beautiful village that has been able to keep intact its medieval air. In this area the wine production meant a brilliant activity in older times. Our cellar is the only one in the region of Girona that has recovered the vineyard cultivation, considered thoroughly lost. Nowadays our vines grow surrounded by pine, cork oaks and holm oak woods, in a privileged natural environment. The cellar was built around 10 years ago, it’s a young cellar, but it has recovered a local ancestral tradition and a traditional and environmentally respectful lifestyle.

The Eccocivi Cellar

This magnificent cellar placed within the Gavarres Nature Reserve, is built hidden underground and next to an ancestral farmhouse which names the property and our best wine, Ca l’Elsa.
The cellar is hidden underneath a vegetable cover, where we age the wine, always in a balanced and sustainable way, showing maximum respect towards the human and natural environment.
For this reason, Eccocivi was the first cellar in the nation to obtain the Cero C02 seal.

The combination of climate, soil, vineyard, and the care with which we work, results in a bunch of grapes which, carefully harvested and with the latest technologies, end up producing unique wines, bound together with the personality of our land, perfumed by the Mediterranean undergrowth that delimits and protects our vines.
The architectonic project united with the surroundings and the tradition are worth a visit. And besides, we offer our visitors different options to discover our wines.

-Wine tourism offers-

Our wines


Can l’Elsa 2014


Can Noves 2015


Montrodó Blanc 2018


Montrodó Rosat 2018


Montrodó Negre 2018